This blog is dedicated to the Truth, both relative and Absolute. The relative Truth is that the citizenry of the world as we know it, is constantly being lied to by the media mouthpieces for the Zionist elite and the One World Government envisioned by the Rothschilds, the chief Zionist elite, for the last several hundred years.  Establishing privately held (Rothschild and associated) Central banks are the goal or the pay-off; funding both sides of wars  – the means; central banks in new countries such as Iran – the motive; and clouding the situation with disinformation and false-flag terror – the opportunity. This is the criminal equation that has been used by the Rothschild terror network for centuries and continues unabated today, and if we do not interrupt this unnatural and hellish conception, we are doomed. This is what this blog is about.

The modern Zionist state of Isra-Hell was conceived by Rothschild’s as early as the 1850’s, but it took them another 100 years to realize their vision, by infiltrating the highest offices in the land, ie in the UK and US, controlling the money through central banks, and silencing any opposition by the ‘anti-semitic’ label on any criticism of tactics or motives. The State of Israel was ‘mis-created’ by the heavily US and UK-backed UN, which had to break its newly commissioned charter, in order to justify displacing a million Palestinians to give the Zionists their ‘homeland.’  Prior to this, British troops spent almost 30 years occupying ‘the Holy Land’ and keeping the Arab residents, the rightful heirs to Palestine and the Canaanite People, in check, to allow the Zionists a chance to get a foothold in Palestine.   Much genetic evidence points to the fact that the Zionists are primarily made up of Ashkenazi Jews, a branch of the Jewish ‘race’ that is not even traceable to the land we now call Israel and genetically is traceable only to two women of middle east origin, but instead the vast majority of the genetic evidence places them in the central Russian steppes, to the land of God and Magog. This is where, in the Book of Revelation, Satan goes out to ‘deceive the nations’ but is finally defeated with fire from Heaven at the ‘beloved city’ [Jerusalem].

This is the deceit that breeds more and more deceit, violence to repress the truth and control of money, to buy off any and all resistors. And this is where we find ourselves.

Anti-Semitism is not what this blog is about, but naming the problem – Ultra-Nationalist Zionism – is!! There are millions of Jews all over the world who are appalled at the Zionist machine, rolling over the rights of everyone in its path, and many of these great people are stepping up and voicing their opposition to the Zionist machine. Thank you, please keep this up. But the sleeping giant, America, must awaken to this fact, or cease to seem to be…that simple.

The Absolute Truth of course is beyond words or symbols of any kind, but my willingness to stand up and speak the relative truth, supports the One Will of Divine Truth. Amen


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