In the Age of Madness and Mayhem

In this world today, the governments of the world, particularly the ‘Western’ and ‘civilized’ ones, have visibly and noticably become either pathetically incompetent at running affairs of State and no longer function as the ‘system of checks and balances’ they were intended to be, or we are being ruled by a rogue band of madmen intent on mayhem and complete destruction, brought about by pursuit of self-interest at the expense of the National Interest.  The sad truth is, both of these statements are true.  It seems that in the guise of seeming simply incompetent and inefficient, bound by gridlock in Congress and the like, the US Government has actually factionalized into distinct quadrants of disjointed, and uncoordinated activity, since at the same time, two branches of the same administration may be saying two or more completely opposite things at the same time. This may be by design to further instill panic and hopelessness in the governed, but what it is really doing, is allowing another, even more sinister line of ‘government trash talk’ to take place; where anyone who speaks up to oppose the madness and the ensuing mayhem, can be arrested, detained indefinitely at an undisclosed location, and denied legal help for their captivity. Sounds to me like we are in Chile in the 70’s or some other fascist./totalitarian country, where discent is dealt with swiftly and harshly. Look at the recent NATO Summit protests in Chicago. Dozens of US Service Men and Women tossed their medals in protest of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the statement by the press that protesters were ‘self-inflicting’ thier severe wounds received at the hand of the brutal and over-reaching police there.  We have a three-headed monster of Government, Media and Corporations all defending their insanity by backing up the other, when convenient, and shouting foul when convenient, but nonetheless deaf to any voices of protest or opposition.   We have not had a Constitutional governement for over 10 and possibly more years. So where does that leave us? It leaves us right where the elite want us…seemingly powerless, filled with dread, with little hope for any real change or improvement. But the part the madmen of mayhem have forgotten, is that WE THE PEOPLE are waking up, and mustering our forces to oppose the madness, and WE WILL SUCCEED, for we have the FORCE FOR GOOD on OUR SIDE, and the TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE, but first it’ll probably piss us off!!


About freedomfromfalseflagterror

9-11 Researcher, Truth Movement Activist, Supports State of Palestine movement, Universal Life Church Minister, Anthropologist (BA - American University, 1980; MA - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1988); Founder - Willing Hands Enterprises, Inc. a fresh-food redistribution non-profit helping those in need in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire since 2004 (; Member - Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.
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