Every day in ev…

Every day in every part of this world, there are consequences playing out from an age old malady of the human condition, an out-of-control race to the top (bottom)…the lust for power, control, access to resources, exploitation of the ‘weaker’, unlimited wealth etc etc…at the expense of our world and our ability to live in this world in a way which resembles a life of Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness.

 The MACHINE that has become the driving force behind this downward spiral of imploding human lusts is the idea that there just isn’t enough, enough of anything, money, time, space, power, speed, etc…On the Seventh Day God rested and witnessed His Creation, and saw that it was good (enough)…nothing was lacking, nothing was needed. There was enough of whatever was needed, as there still is. But with the blind lust for more more more of whatever it is that ‘seems’ to be lacking, our blindness blinds us to the abundance that is naturally all around us at every moment, if we stop and rest and see that ‘it is good’ (enough) along with God.

Contentment (happiness) comes only when we accept that we have and are enough, just as we are.  The elements which have blinded themselves to the natural order of things, where all parts are as valuable as any other, to be appreciated and loved for its simple ‘enoughness’ and its ‘goodness’ are blinded by an illusion of lack. It could not be that we truly lack for anything, being a Creation of the One Creator.   Blind, we blind in turn. With eyes that see, we know, and know not of lack of any kind, but trust that all things are exactly as they should be.

This does not mean we should not work toward equality and goodness in all of our relationships, but in judging the blind, we go blind as well. Let the blind lead the blind. Nothing will truly come of it.  Nothing is all the blind can see. They will remain blind as long as they see nothing, making mountains out of molehills and missing the perfection of this perfect moment, now, when in quiet reflection, we can be completely restored, but for a minute, even less, a nod to God, in recognition of His perfect Creation, and including ourselves in this, we are complete and whole, lacking nothing. We now can see, and it is good.


About freedomfromfalseflagterror

9-11 Researcher, Truth Movement Activist, Supports State of Palestine movement, Universal Life Church Minister, Anthropologist (BA - American University, 1980; MA - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1988); Founder - Willing Hands Enterprises, Inc. a fresh-food redistribution non-profit helping those in need in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire since 2004 (http://willinghands.org); Member - Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.
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